• Villa location

    The Rhodian villa is situated only 50 meters from a beach of exquisite beauty which is around 3 minutes’ walk with direct road access. The village of Gennadi distances 1 km (20 minute walk) and provides a health center, pharmacy, supermarket and a variety of restaurants to enjoy traditional food. The villa is located about 13 km south of Lindos and 64 km away from the city of Rhodes while it is located about 43 km from Diagoras International Airport.

  • Excursions

    In Rhodes you have the opportunity to visit a variety of places of great historical and architectural value while you can enjoy unique landscapes and regions of unparalleled natural beauty.

    Rhodes Town: The Medieval City of Rhodes, a world’s cultural heritage as designated by UNESCO, with its Knights’ castle, lies 64 kilometers away. It’s one of the places you wouldn’t like to miss on your holidays in Rhodes. It is the largest medieval city in Europe with many architectural influences, mainly from the Knights of St. John period during the 14th – 15th century.

    Wandering around the city’s pebbled roads you can see the Palace of the Grand Master, the houses of the knights, the church of St. John, the Turkish bazaar around the Mosque of Suleiman, the old market and several other buildings. The street of the Knights is the most popular street of the city and leads to the castle of the Grand Master. The well-preserved medieval defensive walls with length of about 4 kilometers surround the Medieval City.

    Nowadays, several people still live and work in Rhodes Medieval City. Furthermore, the Medieval City provides rich nightlife. There you can find several restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the local and cuisine and taste exquisite local wine etiquettes or refreshing cocktails.

    Lindos: Lindos is a picturesque, ancient village surrounded by the sea with its acropolis towering above, located 55 kilometers southeast from the city of Rhodes and 13 kilometers from Gennadi. There you can find one of the most important archaeological sites in the island, the castle of Lindos, with remarkable view.

    Today Lindos is a famous tourist attraction on the island, with beautiful beaches, magnificent architecture and several options for nightlife entertainment. You can wander around the narrow cobblestone streets with the small white houses and the local stores. Find yourself enjoying the local cuisine on a rooftop restaurant or a cocktail in one of the numerous bars. Lindos is an enchanting village that is a must to visit during your stay in the island.

    Valley of the Butterflies: It is situated near the village of Kalamonas, Municipality of Petaloudes, which is 25 kilometers from Rhodes town. This small valley is brimming with butterflies flitting amongst a riot of flowers, pines, planes, fig trees and babbling brooks.

    Every year thousands of butterflies during the summer months, June to September, are attracted to the valley. The climate of this area has the ideal conditions for the butterflies to breed. This rare phenomenon is a pole of attraction to thousands of tourists and scientists each year. Visitors can reach the Valley of the Butterflies by car following a country road or travel by bus.

    Seven Springs: : It is a refreshing and relaxing refuge situated just 30 kilometers southeast of the town of Rhodes and 18 kilometers from Kalathos. A magical landscape is being created by rich vegetation, pine trees and running waters. The Seven Springs flow out of the earth, creating a small brook with ice-cold water leading to a lake. Visitors can reach the lake, a location of rich natural beauty, after a 15-minute walk through a tunnel.

    Prasonisi: Prasonisi is located at the most south part of the island and is being connected to mainland Rhodes with a sandy peninsula. If the water level is low you can walk to Prasosnisi. The beach of striking beauty lays on both sides of the sandy peninsula, where water-sports lovers can enjoy windsurf and kite-surf. According to the wind direction and your surfing skills you can choose which side of the beach you prefer.

  • Πόλης της Ρόδου
  • Seven Springs - Epta Piges
  • Κοιλάδα Πεταλούδων
  • Λίνδος
  • Πρασονήσι